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No contact from the kids.  I didn't really expect it but I keep checking my phone and putting it away to forget about it not ringing.  I posted yesterday at the end of the work day and had to go so here is a little background.  

I sent my kids to live with their father four days ago.  It was coming anyway for two reasons.  One he has been alienating me from them for years and I think he finally broke them.  Two is he won't let me move the kids to the next town over and put them in school there but they can move with him where he moved away to and put them in school there.  We have been negotiating a new parenting plan that involves the kids living with him most of the time and I go to EOW and 1 night a week.  He has been uncooperative every step of the way from day one of the divorce so why did I expect anything different.  What is good for him will never be allowed for me.  

This is my therapy.  A way to deal and give back.  Maybe help someone out there who is embarking on a similar journey.   I don't have the answers but I have some very unwanted experience that I thought would never happen to me.  

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